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Game in development

2013-03-22 16:53:26 by mrblackcherry

me, eckel and phlash syndicate, created a game called philtrums of fury. it is so scrumptiously awful. please play it. or donate money to us so we can buy weed and blaze blunts through the turd portal of newgrounds. keep collecting yaper and keep sending it to us willingly and steadily. thank you.

Game in development


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2017-05-12 13:29:05

I played that game before it was removed. I liked it. Too bad it was removed... :(

It;s probably because you used a song by Pendulum. NG is getting crazy about cophyright laws in nowadays.

I have a question. In main menu of that game, after clicking something there was a fragment of some rock song. What song it was?

PS: Sorry for mah bad english. :)

mrblackcherry responds:

i'm not sure what the song actually was. i think i just searched "epic rock music" or some shit on a sound file website. believe it or not i made that game for a class during freshman year of high school from a dream i'd had one night of a pink elephant in a cave town. i wish i had some way of still being able to play it or put it somewhere.